Nowhere is no place.
Nowhere is a place, created to fill the void of somewhere that is unknown.
Through relation and exploration these places transform from the unknown to the known.
Knowledge of what is known gives us confidence in the unknown. 
But what happens when you search for the unknown through the known?

The Edge of Nowhere lies in the boundaries between what is known and the unknown. Using our direct surroundings to harbour the possibilities that there is more to decipher from our taught perspective of our environment. Utilising basic infrastructure, everyday objects and the nature of natural light to access the unknown through all that we know.
The Edge of Nowhere stretches the capabilities of a camera and image making techniques to distort the reality of what is seen. Stretching our ability to decipher whether what is depicted is real or a figment of reality. The agency of light is utilised to challenge the perception of physicality highlighting the dominance of light in a constructed environment. This is expanded upon through sculptural entities that explore the transformative qualities of light on material, pushing the definition of where the physicality of an object lies, within itself or within its trace.